Hello all,

Just to let you know I’ve started a new blog which is generally about the music I love and is an attempt to become a serious person….

Anyway, those of you who followed me as stacyslowburn will like my posts I’m sure, lots of Prog related stuff etc so you can find me at : red-larks.tumblr.com

As far as this blog goes, I’ll leave it up but I’ve had too much shit from people to continue so apologies for that. And thanks everyone.

An Announcement!

So, hi guys and THANK YOU for your continuing support and all of your messages in the last few weeks, I have been very humbled by them all!

What I have decided to do is this :

I’m now going to be posting all fic updates on Rock Fic which is here :


If you search brucefics in the search box you’ll find me, alternatively if you search bad desire you’ll also find it.

Now, I have posted Chapter 16 on there as a little reminder as to where I left off, there are 2 chapters on the way but I really don’t know when, I want them to be good AND on Rockfic they do monitor your prose so it’s up to standard….(no pressure!) 

I also hope to carry on with the one-offs and Farm but again, these will be posted on Rockfic & not Tumblr, I shall try & keep you all up to date re.Tumblr but please keep an eye on my progress over at Rockfic too!

************THANK YOU!****************

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your messages about the blog folks, I am totally humbled :)


letthewindblowbackyourhair0 asked: Miss you :(

Awwwwww :)

Shall have some BD up in the next few days! ;)


the-estreetshuffle asked: Your blog is one of my favourites, few people sum up what it's like to be in love with Bruce better than you! So take as much time as you want, we'll all be here when you get back ;)

Bless you!

That’s so kind, thanks so much. It means a lot. I will be back soon I promise :)


wombatzoo asked: Take all the time you need and thank you for this beautiful blog ;)

Thank you so much :)


nachtvogelfrei asked: take your time and be well. i think i can understand your feelings :) i'll be missing you, though.

Thank you so much!

I’m sure I’ll be back soon so do keep checking the blog out :)


so-walk-tall asked: I've literally only just realised that I have somehow unfollowed you (this may have been a while ago) but I come directly to the blog (it's not bookmarked or anything I swear) on my ipad so didn't notice... I apologise profusely. ANYWAY back to the point of the message. Just wanted to say that you one million % deserve a break, I'm pretty ashamed to be part of our current teenage population, ahh. thank you for your fabulousness it has been much appreciated. YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT HUMAN BEING. x

Oh no worries! Keep following me on Twitter though! :) thanks for your nice words, just got to the point now where I need to have a cull of who I’m following because I’m bored and angered by certain things I keep seeing on here, I understand freedom of speech and I know how shit being a teenager can be but still….some people are way too up their own arses for me! I’m not damning the entire teenage population and I do think tumblr is great at raising certain issues but it also lets people indulge themselves for the wrong reasons.

Anyway - thank you! I’m sure I’ll be back soon with more Bruce filth!

Hey folks ~

Just a short announcement to let you all know I’m taking a little break from tumblr,not sure how long but please keep following the blog, I’ll continue to post pics/Gifs etc when I can and of course I’ll keep up with the fic writing.

The main reason for my hiatus is that I think at 30, I’m sometimes a bit too old for this site and, well, some things on here wind me up too much…..

Please continue to email me at brucefics@yahoo.co.uk and also keep in touch on here, I’ll still be logging on, just posting less!

I hope to be back and on form soon!

Thanks for all your support you guys!